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MONDOZAMPA is the outcome of our love for pets.

Our aim is to make MONDOZAMPA the new trustworthy shop for your lovely pet, dog or cat. A new space for you to find specific food by breeds and age, veterinary diets for specific pathologies, preventive diets, tasty and appetizing snacks; and moreover clothes, accessories and toys.

We give the highest importance to pets’ health, with veterinary free drugs and natural products.

Among the infinite list of products in the pet sector we have decided to give priority to Quality and Customer Service.

Our Customer pays attention to the latest trends and is fascinated by new materials and design, able to preserve and even improve products’ functionalities. For this reason we have decided to sell few selected brands, fully in line with our exclusive customers’ distinctive features.

In a dedicated space inside our shop, you will have the opportunity to try clothes and high quality accessories and, just in case you are satisfied, buy them.

As health and wellness are primary values to be preserved, in MONDOZAMPA you will find a WELLNESS and BEAUTY CENTER (grooming services and ozone therapy treatments).


-Bath, specific for type of hair with different products  (even in case of skin problems we have the right solutions)
-Customized clipping, according to breed standards and customer’s needs

-Normal air drying
-Bactericide ozone drying



We produce collars and clothes for sighthounds (Greyhound, Spanish Galgo, Italian Hound etc.), but also for all those dogs who need a tailored customization, both for clothes and collars. Our collars are Martingale type. We have chosen this type of collar due to its comfort and safety features, essential for all those breeds under the common name of “Sighthounds”.

Clothes and raincoat are custom-made in pile or waterproof textile with winter filling. Pile can be equipped with an optional neck warmer available in these colours: camel, dark blue, dark green, grey, black, red, bordeaux e chocolate brown.
For these products it’s necessary to contact us via mail, before the order, to have instructions about dog measurement.

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